[EXCLUSIVE] The Fritz Releases “The Shoe Sessions Vol. 1”

Asheville, NC based funk-rock outfit The Fritz is no stranger to the road.  The five-piece has honed their craft to create a original blend of rock, funk, and soul, and their brand new release, The Shoe Sessions, gives a glimpse into The Fritz’s newer material with three powerful tracks. Performances of each song were filmed in the cabin of lighting designer Matt “Shoe” Schueler, and each track demonstrates the band’s maturity and musical cohesion.

Percussionist Mikey Spice went in-depth about the new videos. “Along the lines of Bootstrap, our last album, this ongoing video series will catalog our DIY approach to funk rock music, and we look forward to presenting more of these videos in the near future, read here.  After fine tuning these tunes on the road, it is exciting to capture the feeling in our home studio.”
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